Beyond Diversity

Anti-oppression/ Anti-racism Anti-oppression (ARAO), Cultural Competence, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity: whatever the approach or model for managing your diverse workplace or services Competence Consultants & Associates specializes in addressing your unique organizational context and related needs.

Competence Consultants & Associates provides training and organizational development that creates common language and frameworks between individuals, teams and levels of an organization and introduces basic principles of anti-oppression, equity, power, privilege and cultural competence. When an organization or team has established a common approach to working across differences we can customize further levels of training or organizational development processes to fit their specific needs.

What We Do

Training and Development - including human rights, cultural competence, anti-oppression, conflict resolution and one on one coaching.
Systems Development & Review - including policies & procedures, service delivery audits and customized meeting or training.
Conflict Management - including facilitation, mediation and investigation.

Who we work with

We work with all sizes and types of organizations with a specialization in healthcare, social services, the not for profit, and community based sector. We have significant experience working for community based organizations with mandates focused on social change and issues of marginalization.

Our Results

Competence Consultants works with individuals, groups and organizations; utilizing models and theories that break through resistance to change, create change agents, and transform organizational cultures.

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Find out More

At Sherbourne Health Centre, we have been impressed with Doug and Gloria's approach to workplace training. They collaborate with us to develop and facilitate a stimulating and interesting learning environment that is respectful of our culture and sensitive to the unique needs of participants.

Suzanne Boggild
Chief Executive Officer
Sherbourne Health Centre