Client List

We work with all sizes and types of organizations with a specialization in healthcare, social services, the not for profit, and community based sector. We have significant experience working for community based organizations with mandates focused on social change and issues of marginalization.

We have created sustainable results in the following types of contexts:

  • Organizations just beginning to embark on initiatives to address issues of diversity within the organization.
  • Organizations reviewing and/or revising their existing initiatives to address issues of diversity with the organization.
  • Organizations responding to a specific issue, incident or challenge related to issues of diversity in the organization.
  • Organizations with complex structures and services.
  • Organizations with varied levels of diversity within employee and client populations.
  • Organizations with interdisciplinary teams and services.

Our client list includes:

  • ACT/PWA/BlackCAP – Joint Volunteer Training
  • AIDS Committee of York Region – Community Workshops
  • AIDS Network of Ontario Skills Building - Educators & Counsellors
  • Alzheimer Society of Toronto – Staff
  • Association of Ontario Health Centres – Staff & Managers
  • Breakaway – Staff & Managers
  • Canadian AIDS Society - Board of Directors
  • Canadian Cancer Society – Ontario Region, Volunteers & Frontline Staff
  • Canadian Cancer Society Leadership Team
  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind – Staff & Managers
  • Casey House Hospice - Staff Volunteers & Community Education Program
  • Comcare – Staff
  • Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Center – Staff & Managers
  • Delisle Youth Services – Staff & Managers
  • District Health Council of York Region - Staff
  • Dixon Hall – Staff & Managers
  • Dorothy Ley Hospice - Staff
  • East End Community Health Center – Board & Staff
  • East General Hospital – Nurses
  • East York Community Care – Staff
  • Health Canada - Equity Representatives
  • Nine Circles Health Center (Winnipeg) – Board Managers & Volunteers
  • Osler Health Care Center – Food Services and Environmental Services, Staff & Managers
  • Scarborough Association of Volunteer Administrators – Volunteer Coordinators
  • Sherbourne Health Care Center – Staff & Managers
  • Sistering – Staff & Managers
  • Sunnybrook Hospital - Community Mental Health Response Team
  • Toronto Community Care Access Center - Staff & Managers
  • Toronto Pride Day Committee – Board & Volunteers
  • Trinity Home Hospice - Board, Staff & Volunteers
  • University of Toronto Student Housing and Residence Life – Dons & Residence Advisors
  • Volunteer Centre of Toronto – Staff, Managers & Board
  • Women’s Health in Women’s Hands – Staff & Managers
  • Yellow Brick House Women’s Shelter – Staff & Managers
  • York Community Care Access Centre – Staff & Managers
  • York Region Community Care Access Centre – Staff & Managers
  • York Region Early Intervention Program - Staff
  • Yorktown Family Centre – Staff & Managers

Women's Health in Women's Hands Community Health Centre takes pride in working from a prochoice, feminist, anti-oppression framework and ensures that this mandate is a part of all aspects of our entire organization. In order to ensure that this lofty mandate is instilled in all members of staff, management and the board of directors we have enlisted the services of Competence Consultants. Competence Consultants has been able to develop customized anti-oppression training for our organization and deliver it in a respectful, professional and highly interactive manner. They have left us with tools to work with and have facilitated enormous growth in the way that we provide service to our clients as well as understand and communicate with each within the organization. It has been a pleasure wo

Notisha Massaquoi
Executive Director
Women's Health in Women's Hands, Community Health Centre